6 Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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Social media is an important aspect of any business. While it can seem challenging for start-ups or newcomers to digital marketing, effective social media marketing is imperative. If you want to grow your business, here are 6 social media mistakes you don’t want to make.

Social Media Mistakes


Buying Followers

Buying fake followers might seem like the easy way to create a successful social media account but it’s actually damaging to your brand. Fake users won’t increase engagement or ROI. Rather than focusing on numbers, concentrate on building relationships and a community.


Not creating a social media strategy

If you want to be successful on social accounts, a social media strategy is essential. Your strategy will include social media goals, measuring analytics, planning content for your accounts, as well as developing a policy.

Doing too much too soon

Many brands attempt to develop their social media accounts without quality content. Let’s be honest, how often do see businesses abandon their accounts because they struggle to keep up? Instead, spend your time focusing on one account at a time. When you’re creating highly engaging content on one platform, you can think about expanding to another area.


Sharing too much content

While a good social media strategy should include consistent posting, sharing too much content can be overwhelming for your audience. Be selective. Use online tools like Buffer to schedule your social media content so that it’s adequately spaced out.

Not checking your posts

Spelling mistakes and bad grammar is another of the typical social media mistakes. It looks sloppy and unprofessional, so make sure you proofread your content before you post it.


Not being friendly

Your audience wants to know that there’s a friendly face behind your business. Robotic responses or rudeness will reflect badly on your brand so aim to share your personality on social media and respond effectively to queries.