8 tips on how to get followers on twitter

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There are many effective methods on how to get followers on twitter. Whether you are creating a new account or trying to grow your followers, these tips below should help you get started.


Twitter – a powerful tool?
Twitter is a great social media site for gaining customers and making yourself seen. With, on average, 313 million monthly users in 2016, it’s safe to say it is quite popular. It gives you the ability to connect with people from thousands of different locations, right from your laptop/ mobile device.
how to get followers on twitter
It is also a casual way to put your ideas/ thoughts out there, without appearing to force feed people information. The beauty of Twitter is that its whole purpose is to tweet! This means that the more you post about yourself/ your company, the more likely you are to attract followers.



• Tip 1 on how to get followers on Twitter: Tweet every day
A simple yet important tip. People will follow you if your timeline looks interesting and active. Social media is all about socializing and talking about current affairs and interests. People will be more likely to follow you if you tweet every day and include both fun and interesting content.
Whether it’s a short tweet about a great cup of coffee you grabbed in the morning, a relevant news story you read or even mentioning something about your company – tweet it! People are constantly checking their social media. So the more you tweet, the more chance you have of being seen and followed.



• Tip 2 on how to get followers on Twitter: Use hashtags in your tweets
In case you are new to twitter, hashtags are a word (or phrase written without spaces), that act as a hyperlink to tweets containing the same hashtag. When clicked, it lists the tweets in a new timeline. This is great for getting followers on twitter as you’re multiplying the chances of your profile being viewed.
For example, artists or art students may search/use the hashtags; #art #sketches #painting #artist, in order to find inspiration or other artists to follow. Just as a model scout may search the hashtags; #model #photography or #modelling, in order to find and make contacts.
By using hashtags that relate to your interests or your business, you will attract followers who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.
You can also search relevant hashtags to follow people that suit your target audience. The more people you follow, the more chance you have of being followed.
When you use hashtags in your tweets you will notice they are retweeted more than those without. This is as it allows people who aren’t following you yet, to see the tweet. Be sure not to use too many. At the most 3, and try not to use them in every post.


• Tip 3 on how to get followers on Twitter: Be patient – do not buy your followers
If you search ‘how to get followers on twitter’ you may run into adverts that allow you to buy twitter followers. Although some work, may are scams and will not help to benefit your company or the function of your twitter account. This is because the accounts that follow you will not be ‘real people’ or potential customers. In many cases, it has been known that the followers you paid for a slowly decrease over time.


• Tip 4: on how to get followers on Twitter: Stay relevant
A good way to gain followers and keep them is to stay relevant. Of course stay true to yourself/ your brand, but keeping up with relevant hot topics and news won’t hurt! It helps to attract people with similar interests and generally new followers.

It makes your account look current and active. If your watching the news or see an interesting news story (that relates to your field perhaps), post it. Or if you’re watching the Olympics, ask your followers who they are rooting for. Questions invite others to your profile and create a connection with your followers. Be sure to hashtag the event or story when tweeting about it to increase the chances of it being seen.

• Tip 5 on how to get followers on Twitter: Follow people every day
Follow people you know and don’t know. But stagger this. If you follow 300 people before anyone has a chance to follow you back, you may look like a fake profile.
If you have a Facebook  you can connect it to Twitter to see which of your friends have a twitter account. You can do the same with Instagram  and follow people you already know.
how to get followers on twitter
Engage with other accounts that have similarities or mutual interests. If you would like to target a specific demographic to follow, look for a twitter account that is similar to yours – and follow the people who follow them.
There are mobile apps to track who isn’t following you back, so if you feel as though your following too many people, download a trustworthy app to Unfollow those who have not followed you back.


• Tip 6 on how to get followers on Twitter: Represent yourself well

Upload a nice photo, an interesting header and a little line in your bio: perhaps mentioning your city and company/ interests. If you have any other social media sites, there is a space specifically to post the link.
Your profile is your hello and first impression to the virtual world of Twitter. So the more professional and fun your account looks, the more likely you are to gain followers.



• Tip 7 on how to get followers on Twitter: Inspire and inform
Use your tweets to spread positivity! It will motivate people and attract followers. People love to see inspiring quotes and motivational tweets on twitter – especially at the start of the day.
As a business, you will appear friendly and uplifting if you regularly tweet things that aim to improve your follower’s mood or day.

how to get followers on twitter
Also, inform your followers about how they a benefit your company and what you could do for them. If you run a hair salon, post before and after pictures of your best transformations! Be proud of your work and advertise it. It’s important to inform your followers what you can do for them.


• Tip 8 on how to get followers on Twitter: Advertise your Twitter!
A great way to get followers on Twitter is to advertise it on your other sites. If you have a blog, add a direct link or button to your twitter. Add it to your bio on Facebook and even put it on business cards.
The more places your twitter can be found, the more likely it is that people will then follow you. There is not huge trick on how to gain followers on twitter. It all comes down to how you represent yourself or company, how often you tweet, and how well you connect with your target audience.


Be sure to remember that creating a large following is a process. You probably won’t gain a hundred followers a day naturally, straight away. But with these tips on how to get followers on twitter, you will be able to progressively gain follows from real accounts who are interested in what you do.

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