How to use Twitter for business: A professional application of Twitter

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Research indicates on how to use Twitter for business on optimizing your Twitter biography with your company’s corporate identity. You should ensure that your corporate identity is maintained and well communicated through your Twitter feed to ensure you use Twitter for business correctly and efficiently. InternalBranding: Get all work colleagues involved as the first people […]

Benefits of social media: The perks of social networking

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The benefits of social media are vast and include the potential to increase your brand awareness and loyalty with your stakeholders. Brand Awareness: A presence on social media will make it more accessible for your customers to find and engage with you. Engaging with your customers on social media, can boost customer retention and brand loyalty. […]

free online advertising

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Booking Beautique is a free online booking system which aims to make customer appointment setting easy. It is a user-friendly, professional system that is free for businesses to advertise their services on. If you are needing a beauty treatment and are looking for a local salon it makes it easy for users of our site […]