Why is your competition on Facebook not working?

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We know it, competitions on Facebook are a great way to grow the reach of your Facebook Page, but they don’t always work. You look at other competitions on Facebook and ask yourself: Why are there so many people entering that competition but mine doesn’t work? Why is my competition on Facebook not working?


Well, there are many reasons why, depending on your page, number of followers and the competition you are running. But something is certainly clear; if your competition on Facebook not working you have to take action
I will list some of the reason your competition on Facebook may not be working and I hope you’ll find the answer to your problem. There we go!

competition on facebook not working

The Reach is small: is important to know that only a 16% of your audience will see your post, that means that it is your responsibility to reach the rest of your followers. You can do that by:

  • Paying Facebook to promote your post by targeting your followers and their friends.
  • Pin your post on the top to make it more visible.
  • Post it every day on Facebook and Twitter to increase the chances of visibility.
  • When posting it, make it time-sensitive, reminding the audience that the competition will end soon.
  • Make sure you promote the contest on your website with a call-to-action.


The Reach is big, but your followers won’t participate: In that case the problem must be in the competition itself. To check if that’s the issue, check the following:

  • The entry form too long: that means, make it easy to understand the steps they need to follow to participate using short sentences and avoiding long paragraphs.
  • You’re making them think too much: ask them to do something easy. People only spend extra time entering a contest if the prize is really worth it, like a 5.000 euro prize. If that’s not your case, make it easy. For example, you can ask them to comment or like a post on your Page.
  • You’re giving away unrelated or unclear prizes: by unrelated I mean, for example, if you are a Restaurant, to give away an iPad. Instead, you could give a free meal for 1 entire month. An example of an unclear prize would be: “Win up to 300 euro”.


Make sure you avoid these mistakes and before starting your next competition don’t forget to:


  1. Familiarize with Facebook’s Policies and Guidelines
  2. Set the goals of the contest
  3. Make a plan on how you will run the contest


If you have any more questions about competitions on Facebook or think you may need some help, you can always contact our experts from Social Glowing.

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