How to get to the top of google: The Google Train

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Writing long-form content can help you with how to get to the top of Google. There is an interrelationship between longer content and higher rankings. Write about topics that are pertinent to your target audience, then create in-depth blog posts that canvas that subject.

How to get to the top of google

  1. XML Sitemap: How to get to the top of Google, can be achieved by uploading a sitemap for

Google. An XML sitemap depicts exactly what’s on your site.


  1. Directs: Make sure you’re using 301 redirects, not 302s.


  1. Website Blocking: Don’t mistakingly block Google from accessing your web


  1. Connectivity: How to get to the top of Google, includes fast connectivity. Your site needs

to load quickly on all devices and this can be achieved by using Use Google’s PageSpeed.


  1. URLs: Use descriptiveURLs and detailed keywords.


  1. Domain: Use a .com domain if possible as it has great SEO benefits as well as aiding in

targeting a huge and diversified amount of internet users.


  1. Internal Linking: Use internal linking to ascribe users and search engines to relevant

products or content back to your website.


  1. Root Domain: Keep your most significant content on your root domain. Most top-ranking

pages sit on a site’s root domain, rather than on a subdomain.


  1. Title Tag: Ensure each page of your site uses a unique, detailed title tag to tell internet users

and the search engines what the page is about.


  1. Website Content: Consistently add an update unique and relevant content to a blog on your

site, this will give you an advantageous position in attracting search traffic. Examine what

topics your prospective and current customers are interested in and write long-form content

that expresses these issues.


  1. Keywords: Find and use relevant keywords.


  1. Blog Content: Create and disseminate high-quality content via your blog social media and

email list is a chief way to achieving and retain high rankings, building trust with your

stakeholders and for increasing sales. An integrated approach to create well researched

content is advised.


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