What is the Impact of Social Media?

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When talking about the impact of Social Media, the figures speak for themselves:

In a global population of 7.395 billion people, whose urbanisation is only 54%

3.42 billion are active Internet users, that is a 46% of the entire population.

2.31 billion use social networks (that means that a 31% of the population are on Social Media)

3.79 billion are mobile users (27% of the population).

These shocking numbers continue to grow with a remarkable speed. It took 38 years for the radio to achieve an audience of 50 million people, 13 years for television whilst Internet has achieved it in just 4 years and Facebook just in 2.

Globally, over the last year the population has increased by 2.5%, which represents 185 million people. However, the number of Internet and social networks users has increased much more than that. To be precise, the Internet usage has been increased to 10% over the past year, and the use of social networks by 10%.


impact of social media



There’s something really obvious:

Society is constantly evolving. If a brand doesn’t change at the same speed as society does, it loses its power of communication. And everyone knows that when it comes to brand awareness, communication plays a big role.

Our way of communication has changed and it brought some consequences we can’t just ignore.

The data that has been created and stored on the Internet is so big that in 2015 it reached 7.9 zettabytes. How big is that? So big that its got a name of its own; big data! Imagine, if you stacked iPhones on top of one another you could do 8 piles of iPhones that would go past the moon!

There’s so much information that good information comes to us before we think we need that information! That means that consumers have changed, and that now they know more than they need. 

The main key to understand how to deal with this fact is to be conscious that consumers are now connected to anything, anywhere, anytime, and if they don’t like something, they make the entire world know through social media in the blink of an eye. Consumers are now more powerful than ever before and that’s why you can’t treat them as a number, but as a real person.


impact of social media


The key factor lies in finding the balance between the benefits for your brand and the fun you can offer to your consumers, which is the key motivation for them to interact with the brand.

These are the 4 rules you should stick on:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Stop trying to sell
  3. Give emotions and you will get feedbacks
  4. Engage with your community

And these are the main goals you have to achieve:

  1. To provide useful and interesting information through a tenuous and slightly aggressive content to your followers whose values are associated with your brand and at the same time make them part of the process.
  2. To carry out a dialogue with your customers in which THEY are more important than your own product or service, getting an emotional connection with them.
  3. Getting your customers to talk about how great your brand is. A happy customer will always come back AND bring you new ones!

If your product is good you just need to get the word out!

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