3 Inbound Marketing Strategy tips for social media

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Inbound Marketing Strategy refers to a high-level plan constructed to promote a company or organization. This is done through different mediums, aiming to invite customers, as opposed to seeking or buying their attention.


Why Inbound Marketing Strategy is so effective:

This particular method of attracting customers has a high ranking of success. This is due to its laid-back approach to turning strangers into customers and promoters. Instead of using; cold-calling, spam emails/flyers and other methods of traditional advertising, Inbound Marketing Strategy does quite the opposite. This strategy has a confidence about it. It doesn’t aim to pressure or chase potential customers – they have faith in their product’s ability to succeed without that. This may be why customers are drawn to this method of marketing. Here are some pointers to get you started. These Inbound Marketing Tips will hopefully give you some ideas on how to grow/develop your business.


Earn your customers – and keep them coming back for more

Using Inbound Marketing Strategy is a good way to understand what your customer’s like and gravitate to. As your success depends on how able you are to gain their attention, it means you will be able to measure how successful each method is. An inevitable fact of the 21st century is that the media is a powerful tool. Take advantage of all that is available to you on the internet, and utilize it to gain a following!


1. Start a blog

Blogs are a good way to invite potential customers to your website and are a good example of how Inbound Marketing Strategy is effective. Blogging enables you to connect with your target audience, without appearing to sell anything to them.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

For example, if you are starting your own fashion business and wish to promote your website, you can build up a following by blogging about things relating to your business. Focus on what is popular in fashion at the moment and write a blog post about it. Maybe 500-1000 words. Something that is easy to read. By making a hot topic the title and focus of your blog, you have invited someone who is interested in fashion to your website (your target audience) without spamming or using clickbait. Just try to create some form of content with these people you attract. Perhaps display the opportunity to sign up for newsletter or weekly updates on future blog posts.


2. Film a few videos – Get creative!

Inbound Marketing Strategy is a plan that can be carried out using many methods. Using multimedia to promote or earn the attention of potential customers is one of them. Posting videos on social media site’s such as YouTube are a great way to share videos. Other sites/apps such as Instagram and Facebook are also an amazing way to reach thousands of people – just remember to keep them short! 1 or 2 minutes perhaps. Inbound Marketing StrategyNo matter what your business resides in; finance, beauty, food or cleaning etc, you can make yourself seen and heard on social media. If you are starting a make-up business that relies on customers booking your services, ensure that you advertise well! Put examples of your work on Instagram in the form of videos that represent your abilities. Then hashtag relevant words so you can be found in the explore page.


People will see your work first-hand – sometimes visuals are just as important as writing about your skills. Videos are effective methods of Inbound Marketing as it shows your potential clients what you can offer them, which leaves little room for confusion. It also helps you to attract the right clientele and even promoters who wish to work with you.

Inbound Marketing Strategy


3. Create a following on Social Media

Although this requires effort and persistence, this Inbound Marketing Strategy of using social media has the power to gain a large following of potential customers. Keep your page professional but fun. Your webpage (the display picture and content) is your first impression! It’s the start of building contacts so try to make it as inviting as possible.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Brainstorm ideas with your team and plan potential methods of Inbound Marketing Strategies using social media. Remember everything is trial and error – if one online platform doesn’t work, try another method and keep motivated. Create an Instagram account that only consists of examples of your work, small ads and posts related to your field (to attract your ideal audience). Make your username the name of your company so it is easy to be found, and put your company contact details in the biography. Do the same on Facebook, YouTube and any other websites you find suitable.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Ensure that you post interesting content on all of your social networking sites. This “interesting content” can be anything that your target audience will find useful or enjoyable – that relates to your business. Use the internet to demonstrate your expertise, whilst tailoring any other content to match the interests of your customer’s. This creates a good relationship between your business and your customers – they don’t feel like they are constantly being sold something. They are also getting useful information from you by the content you share. Inbound Marketing Strategy works in this way to stay relevant to its customers – just remember to show your advertise your talents too!


If you should need any more help…

The tips above will help to guide you in using the internet to grow your business. However, if you should require any help with expanding or strengthening your online presence/following, the team at Social Glowing will be able to help.

We can provide high quality SEO articles to benefit your website and form strategies to enhance your social networks, (along with a range of other useful marketing plans). At Social Glowing we analyze your company and develop its digital presence to effectively promote your brand. All of which would be followed by a monthly report with results. Inbound Marketing Strategy is something that you could incorporate into your business, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like a helping hand.

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