4 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Presence

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You’ve set up your social media accounts, began posting updates and you’re starting to grow followers. Now what? Social media is more than just about showing up. It involves interaction and getting to know your audience. By building a relationship with prospective clients or customers, you’re helping to establish your brand and grow your business. One effective way to do that is by boosting your social media presence. How can you efficiently do that?

Use these 4 tips to increase your social media presence

Use twitter lists

Twitter lists allow you to keep a group of users in one handy list. Whether you want to create a list of potential clients, individuals or organisations, creating a twitter list is a great tool for organising lists for interactions, keeping an eye on movers and shakers in your industry or for resolving disputes.

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Create eye-catching graphics

Did you know that our brain processes graphics faster than written content? Graphics are an important part of social media marketing. Graphics are easier to share, engage with and like. When implementing graphics on your social media accounts, consider using a consistent colour palette to establish your brand, two complimentary fonts to reflect your brands’ personality and a template, such as those on Canva, to easily create imagery.

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Interaction is key when it comes to increasing your social media presence. It displays your brands’ personality, helps you to build connections and grows your business. Consider acknowledging when a user follows your account, responding quickly and efficiently to queries, and sharing blog posts and articles from other users.

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Be visual

Users like to see a face behind a brand so adding visual content to your social media is a valuable strategy. Facebook live, Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram stories are just four platforms for you to use to give an insight into your business, address questions and to promote your products or services.

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