5 Instagram Tricks for Creating A Visually Pleasing Feed

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The ability to share information instantaneously through social media platforms has seen a mass increase in the number of photographs taken each day. This inevitably has led to some major lifestyle changes in which we now can’t go a day without photographing our everyday experiences and sharing them with the world. While some apps serving this purpose are more popular than others, Instagram is known to all. Regardless of the purposes you use it for, learning new things and potentially implementing new methods into your photography won’t hurt. Take a look at these 5 carefully selected Instagram tricks for creating a visually pleasing feed that even strangers will come to visit for a dose of inspiration.

1.Use Natural Light

While this might sound more than obvious, there is nothing more effective than using natural light as the main light source when it comes to significantly improving the quality of your photographs. It does not need to be complicated – placing the objects you wish to photograph near to a window will do the trick. This will surely be one of the easiest of the 5 Instagram tricks for creating a visually pleasing feed you will find yourself using.


2.Implement Visual Consistency

The success behind most of the excellent visual decisions is almost always simple. Choosing the overall visual mood you want your photographs to convey and sticking to it all throughout your feed is one of the simplest ways to accomplish outstanding results. A great way to achieve consistency is by desaturating the background but leaving the main subject in full saturation, which will not only calm the photo down but will please the eye like magic, becoming one of the most game-changing Instagram tricks for creating a visually pleasing feed you will ever come across.


3.Take A Whole New ‘Selfie’ 

Have an iPhone? Then why not step up your ‘selfie’ game by doing something you most probably have never thought of; using your earphones as a shutter release. It really could not be simpler – just plug them in, turn on the camera, strike the desired pose and press the volume ‘up’ button on the hands-free mic to step out of the usual awkward posing.


4.Clear That Background

While we tend to focus on the main subjects in our photographs, the background is often not one of our concerns, but it should be! Be sure to keep it clear and to symmetrically position objects you wish to photograph to create a harmonious balance and increase the depth.

Instagram Tricks

5. Choose To Be Creative

Artistic success very much depends on freeing yourself and letting your creative juices flow. Sometimes a self-portrait can be that of your shadow or a close up of your eye rather than a direct selfie of your face. When photographing food, try a different angle rather than that of the bird’s eye view we are so used to seeing. Show the uniqueness of your point of view!

Instagram Tricks

Be sure to give some of these 5 Instagram tricks for creating a visually pleasing feed a try and you might find yourself surprised with the results.