New WhatsApp Features: It’s all about the Status

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WhatsApp recently celebrated its eighth birthday and it is just giving presents away. Whether they are already here, or coming to a phone near your soon, WhatsApp has been working hard to give us even more interactive features. Most noteworthy is the new ‘Status’ feature and the upcoming ‘Pinning’ ability.


Status is everything


If you use WhatsApp regularly, you are now able to share your personal photos, clipped videos and GIFs to with the people you love for 24 hours. Snapchat and Instagram may have something to worry about as the popular worldwide mobile messaging service rolls out its new ‘Status’ feature. Contact your friends easily as users right across the globe can download the update on all Android, iPhone and Windows devices.

This sparkly new ‘Status” feature will allow you to share your chosen images overlaid with end-to-end encrypted captions, personalised drawings or emojis, that will then be visible to all of your selected friends before disappearing forever from your phone. You are able to be fully in control of who can see your ‘Status’ updates so you are free to be as creative, in the moment and fun with this WhatsApp feature. You will be able to keep track of who has seen your latest ‘Status’ by a simple tap on the eye icon. Make certain that you set the privacy settings correctly so only the right people for you can see your Status in the top left of the screen.


Pin yourself important


A fresh new feature is thought to be on its way, where users will be able to ‘pin’ messages to the top of a chat screen. This will work in much the same way as you can currently pin Twitter messages to the top of your profile. This feature can be used in group chats too, which will undoubtedly make it much easier for all group members accessing WhatsApp to keep up-to-date with what is new. This feature will be disabled by default which will mean that users will have to turn on the feature in chat settings.
Whether you like the idea of these new features or not, WhatsApp is evolving and it is set to continue.