Snapchat for PC: everything you need to know

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In the digital age we find ourselves tirelessly revolving around internet novelty and are surrounded by continuous digital innovation, seeking to capture our attention and captivate across different platforms. While some social media platforms are slightly more successful in doing this than others, Snapchat’s triumph is something that deserves it’s own remark. Firstly emerging as an image messaging application to be used by mobiles devices run by iOS and Android users, Snapchat is primarily designed to replicate a more natural and instantaneous way of interaction by making pictures and short messages available for a very limited amount of time before being deleted. Overtime Snapchat has introduced a bunch of new features, including private messaging, publications and live events functions, but it’s latest update has seen it now available to use on a PC, and is now referred to as  Snapchat for PC and admittedly it already has become the latest Internet’s sensation and also an obsession for some.

Snapchat for PC

Snapchat mobile vs. Snapchat for PC

For some it is now being greatly favoured over Snapchat mobile as Snapchat for PC offers a much higher viewing and visual quality in comparison to that achievable with a smartphone due to stark differences in monitor vs. smartphone screen sizing and the overall more intimate and realistic watching experience that viewing on a large screen gives. Apart from higher quality images and video quality, the ability to use Snapchat for PC also promises an easier navigation with the mouse and the ability to film or capture yourself using the PC web camera is a nostalgic and retro experience from the not so distant past.

Installing Snapchat on PC

Installing Snapchat on PC is relatively easy with the first and the most fundamental step being downloading the Bluestacks Android Emulator that actually enables Snapchat to be compatible for use on PC. After you have run the installer and have gone through the installation process, you should have the Bluestacks Android Emulator successfully installed on your PC with the one last step left before you are ready to chat away – clicking on the search icon to search Google Play store and installing the Snapchat which might require you to create an account depending on whether you have one.

Snapchat for PC is as exciting as it is familiar and while some believe it to be slightly backward, it indeed promotes the more natural and engaging way to communicate, allowing the initial promise of the app’s founders to shine in a whole new-old light.