3 tips for becoming a social media manager

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The role of social media manager holds a great importance to the marketing and online representation of a company, brand or individual. Your role would be to guide and develop the social media presence of the company/ whomever you’re representing. You may be in charge of creating graphics or ads, as well as writing the posts for your clients’ social media – along with responsibilities similar to that of marketing and PR. Social media managers are beneficial to businesses as they aim to develop and increase their online community.
Getting started

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Although it can be intimidating delving into a self-sufficient job, it is also incredibly rewarding and interesting. Working in the media industry enables you to make use of communication, writing, graphic and managing skills. Your role will be shaped by the vision of your client, but developed or presented to the public with your input. So, it is important that you prepare yourself for tasks that you will face as a social media manager.
Try not to dive into the deep end – develop  your abilities and apply them while gaining experience to prep you, then begin to apply for more advanced roles/your goal job.
These 3 tips on how to become a social media manager will give you an idea on how to get started doing so.


  1. Perfect your skills
    A social media manager is expected to possess an exceptional level of writing and language skills. As your job will consist of communicating with customers, on behalf of who you’re working for – it is important to work on your grammar skills.
    Practice constructing blog posts or articles on behalf companies you would like to work for. This will help you develop the ability to write passionately about things you’re not necessarily familiar with.
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    Start by writing the skeleton of your blog post and slowly begin to develop a pitch, before improving the grammar and language within it.
    As a social media manager, you must be able to develop interesting and professional written posts. Once you have something you are happy with, consider how you could make it more professional. There are plenty of websites available to help you with constructing sentences well. Exercising your writing skills will allow you to develop your own style, whilst understanding your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Develop your social media.Working predominantly on the internet, via social media, means you must be skilled in connecting with people/customers using online platforms. A social media manager must be able to demonstrate to clients that they are able to revel in all important social media sites.
    Create a profile on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook Blogspot/WordPress, Tumblr  and Pinterest. Understand how the sites operate and focus on those that offer you the platform to impress and connect with your target audience or employer.
    Social media managers must be good at connecting with people and relaying information/pitching themselves. A great way to practice would be to create a profile on LinkedIn. It is a social media site predominately used for people to make contacts within their (desired) industry. It may open the door to new opportunities and familiarise you with aspects of what your job will entail.
    Once you have created sites that you are pleased with, include them in applications for internships or industry opportunities. This will show that you are skilled in using social sites to create a following and represent yourself well.
  3. Gain experience in advertising or PR.As a social media manager, you may be required to have experience in/ be familiar with advertising. Social media managers revel in several aspects of socialising online – this includes social ads. Doing work experience in public relations, marketing and advertising companies will allow you develop skills that are transferable to undertaking the role of social media manager.
    Apply for internships or work experience in these industries. It will enable you to learn a lot about yourself and also make contacts within the field. You can find websites online that are targeted at people who would like to gain experience.
    social media manager
    Take advantage of all of the opportunities around you. If you are studying, speak to your tutors about good ways to break into the industry. Consider talking to past graduates about advice or tips that will help you. Put yourself out there and continue to be passionate and driven, as those are qualities companies look for in a social media manager.
    Although academics are important for this job role, it is beneficial to take part in activities or jobs that improve your confidence. You must be confident enough to represent yourself well, in order to prove to companies that you are suitable for the role.


Becoming successful in your desired industry depends on your talents, confidence and experience. Be sure to exercise your skills and be persistent in gaining experience, regardless of knock-backs. Your journey to becoming a social media manager can develop from very small steps – start from there and work your way up!

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