Social Media Marketing: Fleeting Fad or Time – Tested Tool

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Social Media is a rapidly growing platform that only seems to continue to grow. This means it’s becoming more and more important that you understand how you can use social media marketing and develop a strong social media strategy.

Social Media Examiner found that by spending as little as 6 hours a week on social media, 66% of marketers saw an improvement in lead generation.

Social Media Marketing

Share your knowledge

Social media marketing is a great way to share your industry knowledge with your customers. Through short, snappy and informative posts you can show your audience your expert knowledge and position yourself as a thought leader within your industry. You can develop this further by using your social media to share links to your blog or other articles written by your team that express their knowledge. By showing your customers you are in touch with and at the forefront of your industry’s developments, you are more likely to gain both their trust and their respect, which is going to result in more followers and as a result, more customers.

Define your brand

Developing a social media strategy is a great way to develop your brand. How do people identify your products? What is your tone of voice? Through social media marketing you can identify these points with clarity and see what elements of your branding are working and which aren’t. Because social media is active 24/7 you’ll find that people will engage with and respond to your posts pretty quickly. This way if you find that a post is receiving negative reactions, or worse – no reactions at all – it’s a good indication that the branding of that post didn’t resonate with your audience. Use social media to develop your brand identity and help customers spot and remember your products.

Share your personality

It’s becoming increasingly important that businesses don’t remain faceless corporations that hide behind a well-known brand name. Add some personality to your posts and use social media marketing to share your company news. Are your sales team completing a sponsored run for charity? Great, share it on social media. Have you hit a high number of followers? Great, thank them through social media. Are you building new offices or adding to your team? You get the idea. Whenever something happens that is important to your brand, business or staff, consider sharing it on social media. The chances are, if it’s important to you, it’s important to your customers. By providing this level of personalisation, your company feels more relatable and customers are more likely to be drawn to you.

Drive people to your website

Social media marketing is a great amplification tool. Whilst having a high spec website is great, it’s no good if no one can find it. Try linking your social media posts to relevant pages on your website and you’ll see an increase in the number of people locating that particular page, and because they’ve been engaging with you on social media, you’ve already increased your chances of progressing them through the sales funnel.

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